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Last month my wife’s book was published. It is titled “Navigating the Eldercare Journey…Without Going Broke” and her name Is Jodi Clock. The book is a practical guide to help folks plan for and manage the challenges many people face as they reach the last years of their lives. It’s geared towards people going through this themselves and also for adult children who are helping their parents go through this. And there are a lot of baby boomers going through this stuff.


What I like best about the book is that it follows the story of an aging couple, Russ & Yvonne, as they deal with end of life issues like Alzheimer’s, second marriages, blended families, inheritance, Medicaid, nursing homes and failing health. Each chapter tells a part of their story and then goes on to give specific advice for handling the situations they are going through. It makes for and easy read and you can easily see people that you know in the characters. It’s also organized so each chapter can stand on its own. So if a certain chapter doesn’t really apply to your situation you can find chapter that does. At the end of each chapter is a Family Care Plan that gives you a list of things to do to accomplish the goals described in the chapter.

So who the heck is Jodi Clock and why should you listen to her? As a dutiful husband I have to listen to her. But I also want to listen to her because she has 25 years of working in the funeral pre-arrangement business, the last 10 of which has been with me here at Clock Life Story Funeral Home. She has talked with thousands of people and helped countless others preserve some of their assets while still qualifying for Medicaid and accomplishing the things they want to do. Jodi is one the most knowledgeable person in this field in the country.

Jodi came to write this book through the encouragement of her publisher. The publisher and her friends had recently experienced many the same challenges and were frustrated that there was no place to go for solid advice. And luckily through some mutual friends Jodi came in contact with them and they told her she needed to write this book. So after many months, a couple name changes and lots a rewrites the book was published.

You can get the book on Amazon at http://www.amazon.com/Navigating-Eldercare-Journey-Without-Volume/dp/1935766279/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1339599419&sr=8-1 or at Barnes and Noble at http://www.barnesandnoble.com/s/jodi-clock?keyword=jodi+clock&store=allproducts

You can also learn more about the book and read a few excerpts at www.jodiclock.com

I encourage you to give it a read.

It’s also interesting that the last entry in Alan Creedy’s blog discusses the Time article on How To Die. http://funeralhomeconsulting.org/best-practices/customer-engagement/marketing/death-goes-mainstream/

In his blog he encourages all of us in funeral service to focus on educating the public in all the practical aspects of Dying and to become the “go to” expert on all these matters. I’m sure that Jodi’s book is doing exactly that. Without a doubt we will be using it as a gift to give to many of the folks that call on us for advice. I’m guessing it could help alot of other folks in the funeral  business.

I’m Dale Clock. Thanks for Listening.


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